Thomas Jefferson Middle School Announcements

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 – Hybrid B

1) Birthdays Today – October 13th…No birthdays today.

2) LEAP…Homework Help today from 2:30-5:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria. Today, October 14th and Thursday, October 15th…Growth Mindset Escape Room (Test your knowledge with this fun activity that will challenge your growth mindset!) Thursday, October 15th…Art Club (Come to the Art Room to draw, paint, color, create to your hearts desire!)

3) The reservation desk is open. You can bring your Hills Bills to lunch and reserve a spot to sit with a friend from a different co-hort. The reserved tables are on a first come, first serve basis. We will start with two tables in the front of the cafeteria to start and see if we need to add more later. The cost is 10 Hills Bills per student. (2 per table). Reservations must be made a day in advance. Same day reservations will not be accepted. Bring your Hills Bills and sign up to sit with a friend at lunch.

4) The social skill for the month of October is How to Accept Feedback. Feedback is important. It allows us a chance to change things and make improvements. We may not always agree with the feedback and that is why we are going to use this month to focus on how to accept feedback and what to do if we don’t agree with the feedback. Staff in our building will be focusing on students that are able demonstrate the skill and be handing out Hills Bills.

5) 7th and 8th graders please check your email for the signing up for Girls Basketball and Wrestling. Girls basketball and Wrestling starts on October 26th.