Thomas Jefferson Middle School Announcements

Monday, May 3, 2021

1) Wish Kelly Molony a happy birthday, her birthday was Sunday, May 2nd.

2) Birthdays Today – May 3rd…Kyara MichelOhnesorge.

3) LEAP Activities Today…Homework Help.

4) Today we have our second total collection announcement for the pop-tab collection by co-hort: In fourth place we have Mr. McMullens co-hort with 23.174 pounds. In third place we have Mrs. Marks cohort with 24.63 pounds. In second place we have Mr. Boeves cohort with 28.407 pounds. With Mrs. Kahlers help in first place we have Ms. Thimmesch cohort with 88.398 pounds. Congratulations in your current standing McMullen, Marks, Boeve, and Thimmesch. Now for our top 3 total places after collection 2: In last place we have Mr. Tringle with 1.46 pounds. In third place we have Mr. Boeve with 65.846 pounds! In second place we have Ms. Thimmesch with 89.548 pounds. In first place we have Mr. Sudtegte with 92.305 pounds. Our new school total is 536.9378 pounds!!!! WOW! Way to go Jefferson, your collecting efforts after already passed our last pop tab service project total. Today, some 8th students will be coming around to deliver empty containers, please help them by looking on the cart in case your container wasn’t labeled and grab whatever is yours. Our third collection dates will be May 10th and 11th. If any staff or students have a very large donation, please make arrangements for drop off to make it easier on everyone! Great job TJMS, your effort will directly help a family whose child is in the hospital!