Thomas Jefferson Middle School Announcements

Friday, November 18, 2022 – Day B

1) Birthdays Today…November 18th…Stephenie Enoch. November 19th…Elvin Payton. November 20th…Lucas Schumacher, McKenzie Ostola, Sandra Foht.

2) LEAP today…Homework Help, Chess Club.

3) Just a reminder on November 30th we will have Jefferson first Trivia Day! Trivia will cost 20 Hills Bills and you need to sign up with your success time teacher! Some examples of the trivia questions include: What do you call animals that eat mostly plants? How many pounds are in a ton? What is the grinch’s dog’s name? Remember this is just for fun and a time to hang out with friends and test your knowledge. Sign up today!

4) The FTC Robotics Club will be competing at a meet in Iowa City tomorrow. Please wish them Good Luck.