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LEAP Activities

LEAP programming at Jefferson Middle School is funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant from the Iowa Department of Education. Learn more at: www.dbqschools.org/leap

Jefferson LEAP activities are offered:

Monday through Friday afternoons
from 2:30-4 p.m.

Here are a few upcoming activities…

Mondays & Thursdays, beginning Monday, Sept 11th-Thursday, May 23
Karaoke Slam Jam
Do you love singing? Has music been a great part of you? Do you love Karaoke? We are inviting you and your friends to come and join us. We will help you bring out the uniqueness of your singing voice and gain confidence to share your talents to others. We cannot wait to have you!
Provided by: Maria Elaine Kluga, TJMS Teacher
Tuesdays & Fridays, beginning Tuesday, Sept 12th-Friday, May 24
Chess Club & Board Games
Do you love playing chess? Whether you have been playing chess for years, you just learned how to play chess recently or you would love to learn how to play chess for the first time, come and join us Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Have fun as we play chess, create camaraderie with one another and gain new friends. See you there!
Provided by: Maria Elaine Kluga, TJMS Teacher
Wednesdays, beginning Wednesday, Sept 13th-Wednesday, May 22
Art Jam
Are you ready to submerge in the beauty of learning various art forms? Come and join us in a fun-filled and colorful Wednesday afternoons. Origami, drawing, lettering designs, painting, and academic related arts and crafts are only some of the great projects/activities that we will do in this course. Together we can bring color to our world.
Provided by: Maria Elaine Kluga, TJMS Teacher
Mondays & Tuesdays, beginning Monday, Oct 9-May 21
Robotics Club
Are you a 7th or 8th grade middle school student interested in science, coding, and technology? Jefferson’s FTC robotics team has started. Join us as we compete with schools in our area and win prizes and awards.
Provided by: Amy Hernandez, TJMS Teacher
October 19, December 7, February 8 and April 11
Self-Defense Seminar
Boost your confidence & improve your self-defense skills in this hands-on class. We will cover a mix of basic moves & techniques that work in many scenarios that participants of every size can use effectively. In addition to learning effective moves students will also learn how to harness & control their inner strength, increase their focus and relieve stress.
Provided by: Eryka Cook, Co-Owner/Kickboxing & Self-Defense Instructor at Empowermental
Tuesdays & Wednesdays on November 28, December 13 & 20, January 3,9,30, February 6 &29
Hot Cocoa & Coloring
Come enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while coloring.
Provided by: Shelby Kelchen, TJMS Teacher
Wednesdays January 10, February 7, March 6 and April 10
Meals in Minutes
Come join us after school to learn how to make a quick meal that will feed a whole family on a budget! You will learn about the nutrition, prices, and preparation of the food as well as take a whole pan home to bake (or freeze) for your family! Make sure to sign up ahead of time to save your spot!
Provided by: Amy Haverland, Rhonda Thole and Keagan Coates, TJMS Teachers
February 27, March 19, April 10 and April 23
Bracelet Making
Do you enjoy being creative? If so join us for two activities that will allow you to get your creativity flowing. You can make your very own bracelet to keep or give to a friend. There will also be various coloring sheets if that’s more your thing.
Provided by: Shelby Kelchen, TJMS Teacher
March 5, 7 and 19th
Minecraft Club
Build magnificent structures and explore an endless world with your fellow students in the Minecraft Club. We will work together and independently digging deep mines to find valuable resources, building homes and communities, farming to prevent starvation, terraforming the land to fit our needs, crafting tools and weapons, and surviving through the night on the popular game Minecraft.
Provided by: Kevin McGinnis, TJMS Teacher
Tuesday, March 5
Retro DIY Spirograph

Turn cardboard boxes into a fun and eco-friendly toy! These retro DIY spirograph toys are easy to make and fun to use. Not only does this activity expend creativity muscles, but also a great way to reuse and recycle.
Provided by: Haidee Cordoso, Carnegie-Stout Library
March 26, April 2 & 18 and May 2
Lemonade & Coloring
Come enjoy a glass of lemonade while coloring.
Provided by: Shelby Kelchen, TJMS Teacher
Tuesday, April 2
Embroidered Notebooks
Get organized with a lovely notebook, designed with simple hand embroidery. Choose from a variety of different patterns to best describe you. These notebooks are perfect for keeping your lists in order and ideal for errands.
Provided by: Haidee Cordoso, Carnegie-Stout Library
Tuesday, May 7
Yarn Painting
Making yarn art is a relaxing and creative activity that uses easy-to-find craft materials. The final results are masterpieces of art that stand out against any wall needing extra flare.
Provided by: Haidee Cordoso, Carnegie-Stout Library

Students will meet in the cafeteria right after school. They’ll grab a free snack and head to the location of the LEAP activity.

When the program concludes at 4 p.m., students taking the activity bus will meet the bus and depart from the back of school. Students not taking the activity bus will exit from the front or back entrance.

Complete the LEAP Parent Permission Form (PDF) and have your student return it to the main office. Students can’t participate without this form on file for 2023-2024.

Students will have the opportunity to sign-up for LEAP activities in their school’s main office as they are announced. Remember, it’s expected that students attend all sessions offered for each activity. Students will sign-in each day so we can keep participate records, but we won’t monitor daily attendance – so there is no need to let us know if for some reason your student can’t make it.

Students will be held to the same conduct standards as they are during the school day. Failure to follow established rules may result in loss of participation.

Contact the main office or guidance counselor.