Thomas Jefferson Middle School Announcements

Friday, September 14, 2018 — Day B

  • Birthdays Today – September 14th…Mackenzie Birch, Christopher Young. September 16th…Brian Bowman, Nolan Jackson.
  • Sports Today…Cross Country Meet at Fillmore Golf Course starting 4:30 p.m.
  • Reminder for Jefferson students attending football games at Senior High School’s Dalzell Field. Failure to follow the rules at Dalzell will result in students being asked to leave for the evening. Students should sit/stand in the designated student sections. We recommend that all students in grades K-8 be accompanied by an adult. No backpacks are allowed in Dalzell Field. Students will be asked to show an ID for admission.
  • Reminder that we will be operating a different schedule today. It is the annual Spirit Day activities.
  • If you are in choir, please listen carefully. Today is the last day to drop choir for this trimester. You may still drop even if you already returned your contract. Please let Mrs. Duggan know now. Today is the last day you can drop. Home base teachers, please help students understand this!
  • Remember to check out LEAP activities on the board by the lunch room.