Thomas Jefferson Middle School Announcements

Thursday, May 12, 2022 – Day B

1) Birthdays Today – May 12th…No birthdays today.

2) All 6-8 grade girls that play basketball Meet in the Cafeteria at 7:40 a.m.

3) This is our last week for collecting pop tabs. Please bring any and all pop tabs into your circle teacher by Friday the 13th, so we have a chance to weigh them and get a grand total.

4) In the month of May students who have 2, or fewer, referrals and no suspensions will get a delicious treat on May 26. We want to celebrate you and your good behavior! As of Monday, there 164 6th graders / 133 7th graders / 165 8th graders who are able to participate! That’s 462 students all together. Stay focused, get your work done, and listen to your teachers.

5) LEAP for today…Homework Help, Outdoor Soccer, Wonderful World of Recipes, Gaming Unplugged