Thomas Jefferson Middle School Announcements

Monday, September 19, 2022 – Day A

1) Birthdays Today…September 29th…Archer Hurst.

2) Today is another fundraiser turn-in day. After the announcements, please come down to the library to turn in any money. We’ll have to wait and see if Ms. Holm’s class will be able to keep their top spot. Remember, even if your Success Time class is not one of the top 2, you can still join us on the cruise if you are one of the top 20 sellers! More cards are available in the main office. The cruise is scheduled for the middle of October.

3) In just two weeks, we will be halfway through our Trimester-1. That means Midterm grades will be recorded on Friday, September 30. Everything is possible if YOU put in the effort! Now is the time to turn in any missing assignments or retake tests so that your grades are the best they can be. Reach out to your teachers for help. We believe in you and will support you throughout your journey at Jefferson.

4) LEAP today…Homework Help, Robotics Club, All About Arts.